Marc Adelman, Esq. Marc Adelman, Esq.

Adelman Law is focused on helping our clients succeed in business.

Adelman Law, P.C. is a transactional and business law firm with an office in midtown Manhattan in New York City. The firm focuses on the areas of the law at the core of the challenges facing businesses and individuals: commercial, corporate, securities law, and employment matters. The firm works with a broad range of individuals and business entities, but primarily focuses on start-ups and small businesses.

Efficient. Attentive. Professional.

We are a business-oriented firm providing timely, client-oriented services in an efficient, attentive, and professional environment. The firm’s approach focuses on each client’s background, needs, and goals, and the firm is committed to excellence. We also provide Arbitration and Mediation services. Contact us to discuss your specific business needs.

Corporate and Business Law

Start-Ups/Business Formation/Structure

Corporate and Commercial Transactions

  • Negotiation, preparation and/or review of deal term sheets, business operating and shareholder agreements, debt instruments and equity investment documents
  • Stock purchase agreements, asset sales agreements, partnership agreements and other commercial agreements

Employment Agreements, Offer Letters, Independent Contractor Agreements and Confidentiality and Restrictive Covenant Agreements

Arbitration/Mediation with experience in:

Employment and Labor
Business Relationships
Commercial Transactions and Agreements
Investments and Financial

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